The Local Market Difference

What separates us from larger grocery stores is our personal relationship with many of our farmers and producers. We visit them and talk to them about how they grow their produce, treat their animals, and work their fields. Our farmers follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which lead to wholesome food for you and environmental sustainability. Often there is a perception that we are an "Organic" store, and we want to be sure you know that we don't carry very much Organic product. This is because we care very much about how our small farm friends grow and raise their food, but we respect their decision to not pursue government certification. If you have questions about how something was grown, raised, or made, please ask.

Spotlight Farm: Whiffle Tree Farm

We raise pastured broiler chickens, laying hens, and turkeys; foraging pork; and 100% grass fed beef. No chemicals, no antibiotics. Non-GMO grains for the pigs and poultry, in addition to fresh pasture. Visit their website


Our Farm Partners